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I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. / William Blake


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Current work


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? dreams

To create and open  a Colour Center

Express & create  constantly and in different media

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? Who am I

Joanna Monika Bodzek , Multimedia Artist, Renascence Human, Chromosapiens

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Best textiles I have ever made

Hand dyed/ screen printedil_fullxfull.432819612_78o2il_fullxfull.432823037_ilpn

lace detail

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la vie rose_del
“At root, ecology is an erotic attitude of closeness, relatedness and care. We have made it into a rational/activist project and lost sight of its heart.” Thomas Moore

la vie roseFor some time now water, flowers and leaves are giving me the idea and material for the photography, here I  just followed, this is first impressions of today’s work, .. I am looking at more photos and seeing different series and stories emerging from them.
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4-5 februari,    lördag & Söndag
11-12 mars,       lördag & Söndag

Link till WORKSHOP I DIGITAL TEXTILTRYCK ( för photoshopvana)
(Englis version bellow)

Denna kurs är för dig som vill förstå hur photoshop kan användas som verktyg i textiltryck. detta innebär att arbeta med gamla eller nya mönster på ett mer fritt och tidsbesparande sätt. Sedan kan du använda mönster för screen eller digitaltryck. Jag har designat den nya kursen med erfarenhet från tidigare deltagarna. Kursen kommer ge dig kunskaper du kommer att älska och du behöver inga förkunskaper i photoshop
men en datorvana är obligatorisk.

Workshop i digitaltextiltryck

Inriktning på textiltryck, även tryck på trä, glas mm.

Workshopen vänder sig till dig som jobbar obehindrat i Photoshop med du behöver inte jobba med textil för att delta.
Efter workshopen kan du applicera ditt kunnande på att beställa tryck, för att producera scendekorer samt teaterkläder, inredning, tavlor, skärmväggar, banderoller, tapeter, mode, reklam och specialprojekt för konstnärer, fotografer mm.

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The EYE COVER you can print&cut out one for yourself..

Using the term Dark Middle Ages will soon prove a serious underestimation of the darkness of our times. In a process of thinking about it for some year now i made this sort of a PRINT and CUT eye cover.. because i watch and think the world is going blind.. but then in a face of new  developments i see…. none needs en eye cover when we all seems to be  blind.. would be  useful to make Print& Cut eye-opener…

………..anyone? know how?

There more issues to it an abortion lows….. the whole democracy is shaking.. but the politically great idea was to divide the issues.. first we take away this than that ..

28122796982_19450e7842_oSpecialty when it comes to how the women situation develops.. or or is it going backwards ..i think this is only a start and we will see more of it, but if to see the female energy and the  Earth being one, then it is not  surprise to see the developments such as in Poland for example at it seems to be trend to destroy, exploit etc..


The  EYE COVER you can print&cut out one for yourself..



Amazing changes within Creative process


painted only a day apart from the first image and 3 days apart from the one below during the Vedic Art process, this images for me depict the ongoing transformational  process within the creative acts.


Diary , way to healthier lifestyle

Everybody has certain things they don’t wish to share with others. That’s why a secret diary is so important to many people. It gives you a safe place to go where you can write about anything from romances to future dreams. Since secret diaries are intensely intimate, it’s important that your privacy is protected. Keeping a diary in a physical notebook does not offer the security you need, as it can be lost, stolen, or damaged. The digital age has made having such a diary much easier, though, as your journa

Source: Secret Diary | Start for free with Penzu

The Power of Fool Moon

FULL MOON and SOLAR ECLIPSE . I use to dye this pieces, made of silk organza ,hand dyed, during powerful astrological events, in tune with natural rhythms of life away from intellectual ideas of art and beauty. In attempting to bring out the innate Power and Beauty found in Nature10403467_291903011008172_641900497060105088_n10857894_291902731008200_4356520257242790947_n10517232_249965101868630_8962677008916246800_o10858498_291902977674842_6506617300352075544_n

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something that was to become a pair of pants

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