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I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. / William Blake



Diary , way to healthier lifestyle

Everybody has certain things they don’t wish to share with others. That’s why a secret diary is so important to many people. It gives you a safe place to go where you can write about anything from romances to future dreams. Since secret diaries are intensely intimate, it’s important that your privacy is protected. Keeping a diary in a physical notebook does not offer the security you need, as it can be lost, stolen, or damaged. The digital age has made having such a diary much easier, though, as your journa

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DIY bags


Authenticity is invaluable; originality is non-existent. And don’t bother concealing your thievery – celebrate it if you feel like it. In any case, always remember what Jean-Luc Godard said: “It’s not where you take things from – it’s where you take them to.”

― Jim Jarmusch [MovieMaker Magazine #53 – Winter, January 22, 2004 ]

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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