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I must create a system or be enslaved by another mans; I will not reason and compare: my business is to create. / William Blake


creativity daily

Amazing changes within Creative process


painted only a day apart from the first image and 3 days apart from the one below during the Vedic Art process, this images for me depict the ongoing transformational  process within the creative acts.



something that was to become a pair of pants

Day 2, # Creativity Daily

Wydaje mi sie ze w takim razie zrobienie 2 blogow w jedna noc wchodzi w Creativity Daily Challenge, konept rodzi sie powoli ale wszystko jest o wartosci siebie, wolnisci osobistej, o pracy jedynie z tym co pasjonuje, ooo….Jako extrovert introvert person mam 2 nowe blogi o rozwoju, milosci do siebie, o pieniadzach, dwa.. poniewaz,  zgadzam sie i nie zgadzam z jednym i tym samym.26931116934_6f1b4ef111_h27441706652_886299d267_h

The chalenge is to post make delive a  creativ handling, one artwork a day.. can be anything but  in a way so it is finish in it its own terms. a need to make something-s tangible to restore self image. czemu ja musze sie chalange do zrobienia czegos.. to inna historia, amount of work ..procesing and understandig.. one flower can bring a powudz of ideas.. albo nic.. zobacze co z tego wyjdzie.. wolnosc jest najwazniejsza. Continue reading “Day 1 #creativity chalenge”

One work a day..

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